ACI Mentored Install – Brownfield Migration

ACI Mentored Service – Brownfield Migration

  • To maximise success for customers and partners, Cisco has introduced the mentor program to provide guidance and assistance for authorised Cisco ACI Customers and Partners.
  • ACI will represent a new skill set for most networking professionals. The program acts as a transition mechanism and pathway for skill growth of internal resources.
  • A mentored engagement for first-time ACI deployments is highly recommended by Cisco.
  • Housley is the only Cisco-approved mentor for APJ outside of Cisco Advanced Services.

Housley ACI Mentored services

  • Housley will interact with the customer/partner to support the deployment of ACI
  • The customer/partner will retain control of the project/engagement


  • Delivery of first ACI solution to customers, with confidence and reduced risk
  • Early access to ACI experience and expertise
  • Shorter time to market for ACI capability and services
  • Fast-track time for staff up-skilling on critical path for project deployment
  • Reduced time to deploy – allowing resources to move on to other projects
  • Potential cost reduction due to lower problem-solving time
  • Build internal ACI knowledge through field experience

Partner Pre-Planning

The Channel Partner should ensure that all necessary equipment is racked, stacked, cabled, and powered-up prior to the kick-off. The customer should have the necessary software licenses.

Service Deliverables

Project Kickoff Overall Architecture Review

  • Perform project overview
  • Gather customer requirements
  • Outline Interaction to any existing network infrastructure
  • Outline High Level:
    • ADC Interaction
    • Security Interaction
    • Compute Interaction
    • Storage Interaction
    • Hypervisor Interaction
  • Configuration of any devices other than ACI is out of scope, however these other technologies must be discussed to appropriately plan the ACI design

Solution Design ACI Planning

  • Propose ACI design solution
  • Develop Design document which includes use case topology diagram, logical design.

ACI Implementation

  • Perform initial APIC Initialization configuration
  • Prepare and deploy device configuration templates for APICs
  • ACI Administration ACI Fabric Access Policies Define:
    • Attachable Entity Profiles
    • Interface Policies
    • Interface Selectors
    • ACI Tenancy Model
    • L3 Out Model
    • Management Tenant
    • Named Tenant

Migration with Application Performance Optimization  

  • Migrate physical and virtual hosts into the fabric
  • Move SVIs from legacy network into ACI
  • Troubleshooting and additional DR verification (if required)
  • Define Application Modeling
  • Application Planning on dependency mapping to deploy ANP/EPG as required with L4-7 device package/service graphs in scope
  • Define Networking of BD, subnets, VRFs, and L3 outs
  • Contracts for inter dependencies
  • L4-7 Services scope

Security and VM Manager Integration

  • Determine if L2 firewall/IPS integration is in scope
  • L4-7 device package/service graphs in scope
  • Customer to configure security devices as recommended by ACI design
  • Discuss vCenter or another Hypervisor integration
  • Outline overall vCenter Architecture- single or multiple vCenters, etc.
  • Outline AEP configuration as required
  • Determine security domain association for vCenter domains
  • Document vCenter Credentials

Acceptance Tests and Scale Considerations

  • Preparation and execution of testing for configured functionalities.
  • Discuss potential scale of contracts, L3 outs, total prefix/endpoints
  • Discuss distribution of resources across leafs to enhance scale

Knowledge Transfer

  • Explain to the customer/partner how to configure and manage the solution in their environment

Next Steps: Call Housley for a detailed discussion on your ACI Brownfield Migration.