FlashStack Workshop


This is a hands-on workshop that focuses on the following objectives:

• Overview of FlashStack architecture and components
• Discuss individual component’s functionality and operation within FlashStack design
• Review configuration of each Cisco component
• Pure storage product offering and functionality
• Explore prebuild lab environment and customize to enable additional functionality

Target audience

• Technical design and installation personnel


• 1 day


Class Outline

  • Solution overview and architecture
  • UCS B series review
    • components and architecture
    • UCS manager policy and configuration  
      • server profiles
      • network connectivity
      • SAN/FC/FCOE storage connectivity
    • basic operations and management
  • MDS review
    • FC/FCOE refresher  
      • FCID/WWN
    • VSANs
    • Zones
    • basic operations and management
  • Pure storage Overview
    • product overview
    • GUI and management environment
    • base setup and operations
    • storage provisioning
      • Block and NAS
    • smart config
    • basic operation and management
  • Whole of stack review
    • ESX on UCS with Pure Storage
    • Boot from
      • SAN
  • Managing FlashStack using Intersight

Labs Outline

  • Explore a working, but partially configured, UCS/MDS/Flashstack/Nexus environment
  • Allow participants to create
    • UCS server profiles and apply to B series servers
    • create LAN and SAN polices to connect to existing networks
  • Explore dual fabric MDS configuration
  • Create FC zone rules to allow host/target connectivity over MDS
  • Validate Cisco Nexus network configuration
  • Create restricted storage LUN available to specific Hosts
  • Boot from SAN, a preinstalled ESX image
    • mount prebuilt VM via FC block data store
  • Enable VM
  • Enable VMs over IP/Ethernet