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Use Cisco Learning Credits

Use Learning Credits

Cisco Courses and Services

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Business Enablement Courses

BLP-UCS-PW2 Cisco UCS Power Workshop - 2 days
BLP-ACI-PW Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Power Workshop - 2 Days
TT1PW Cisco Tetration Power Workshop (TT1PW)
HX-PW Cisco HyperFlex Power workshop for Partner Field Engineers (HX-PW)

ACI Training and Services

DCACI Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (DCACI) v1.0
ACI-TSO Cisco ACI Troubleshooting and Operations Workshop
ACI-SU Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Lab and POC Stand Up Services for Partners and Customers
ACI-MS Cisco ACI Mentored Services

Data Centre - CloudCenter, UCS, Nexus & MDS

DCCOR Implementing and Operating Cisco Data Center Core Technologies
DCMDS Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches (DCMDS) v3.1
DCFNDU Understanding Cisco Data Center Foundations
DCINX Introducing Cisco NX-OS Switches and Fabrics in the Data Center (DCINX) v1.0
DCCNX Configuring Cisco NX-OS Switches and Fabrics in the Data Center (DCCNX) v1.0
DCID Designing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCID) v7.0
DCIT Troubleshooting Cisco Data Center Infrastructure (DCIT) v7.0
DCAUI Implementing Automation for Cisco Data Center Solutions
DCCUCS Configuring Cisco Unified Computing System
UCS Admin UCS Administration Workshop
UCSDF Cisco UCS Director Foundation v6.6
DCINX9K Introducing Cisco Nexus 9000 Switches in NX-OS Mode v2.1

Contact Centre

ICCE Integrating Cisco Enterprise Chat & Email with UCCE
AUCCE1 Administering Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise with CVP Part1
AUCCE2 Administering Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise with CVP Part2
DUCCE Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Centre Enterprise
DUIC-V Deploying Cisco Unified Intelligence Centre - Virtual Instructor Led Training
DUIC Deploying Cisco Unified Intelligence Centre
UCCXD Deploying Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express
CVPDS1 CVP Development and Scripting Part 1
CVPDS2 CVP Development and Scripting Part 2
CVPDJ Cisco Customer Voice Portal Developer – Java Developer v11

Collaboration Technologies

VII Cisco Video Infrastructure Implementation
CLCOR Implementing and Operating Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (CLCOR) v1.0
CLICA Cisco Collaboration Applications (CLICA) v1.0
CLFNDU Understanding Cisco Collaboration Foundations (CLFNDU) 1.0
CLACCM Implementing Cisco Advanced Call Control and Mobility Services (CLACCM) v1.0
CLCEI Implementing Cisco Collaboration Cloud and Edge Solutions (CLCEI) v1.0
CLAUI Implementing Automation for Cisco Collaboration Solutions (CLAUI)
QOS Implementing Cisco Quality of Service 2.5


SCOR Implementing and Operating Cisco Security Core Technologies (SCOR) v1.0
SDAISE Cisco SDA and ISE Integration
SWSA Securing the Web with Cisco Web Security Appliance (SWSA) v3.0
SVPN Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks v1.0
SSNGFW Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower Next Generation Firewall (SSNGFW) v1.0
SESA Securing Email with Cisco Email Security Appliance (SESA) v3.0
SSFIPS Securing Networks with Cisco Firepower Next-Generation IPS (SSFIPS)
SAUI Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions
SISE Implementing and Configuring the Cisco Identity Services Engine v3


WLFNDU Understanding Cisco Wireless Foundations (WLFNDU) v1.0
ENWLSI Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) v1.0
ENWLSD Designing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks v1.0

Routing & Switching

CCNA Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions (v1.0)
ENCOR Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies (ENCOR) v1.0
ENARSI Implementing Cisco Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services (ENARSI) v1.0
ENSLD Designing Cisco Enterprise Networks (ENSLD) v1.0
SDWAN300 Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (SDWAN300) v1.0
ENAUI Implementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions
ENSDW Cisco SD-WAN Operation and Deployment
DNAIE Digital Network Architecture Implementation Essentials
IP6FD IPv6 Fundamentals, Design, and Deployment v3.0

Cisco Advanced Services

SSFAMP Securing Cisco Networks with Sourcefire FireAMP for Endpoints
SSFRULES Securing Cisco Networks with Snort Rule Writing Best Practices
SSFSNORT Securing Cisco Networks with Open Source Snort
Cisco NCS 2000 Cisco NCS 2000 Series Deploying 96-Channel FlexSpectrum
OPT200 Cisco Optical Technology Intermediate
OPT300 Cisco Optical Technology Advanced
MENPI Managing Enterprise Networks with Cisco Prime Infrastructure
EPNM100 Configuring and Operating Cisco EPN Manager (EPNM100) v3.0
IOSXR211 Cisco ASR 9000 Series IOS XR 64-Bit Software Migration and Operational Enhancements
IOSXR304 Cisco IOS XR Broadband Network Gateway Implementation and Verification
IOSXR200 Cisco IOS XR System Administration (IOSXR200)
COLLAB350 Cisco Meeting Server Advanced (COLLAB350)
COLLAB250 Cisco Meeting Server Intermediate (COLLAB250)
OPT201 Cisco NCS 2000 Series 96-Channel Flex Spectrum (OPT201)
NSO200 Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Operations (NSO200)
ENSDA Deploying Cisco SD-Access (ENSDA)
SECUR201 Implementing an Integrated Threat Defense Solution (SECUR201)
SEGRTE201 Implementing Segment Routing on Cisco IOS XR (SEGRTE201)
SECUR202 Integrated Threat Defense Investigation and Mitigation (SECUR202)
CCIPFM IP Foundation for Broadcast Engineers (CCIPFM)
IOSXR100 Introduction to Cisco IOS XR (IOSXR100)
NSO300 NSO Advanced for Python Programmers (NSO300)
NSO201 NSO Essentials for Programmers and Network Architects (NSO201)
ASR9KE Cisco Aggregation Services Router 9000 Series Essentials v4.0

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// student testimonials

  • Chris is the best instructor I have seen in 25 years in Cisco IT - ACI Student, Sydney
  • Tony Condran is a fantastic instructor, his deep knowledge and teaching methods provide one of the best course experience I have had - ACI Student, Canberra
  • Materials and Instructor Chris Welsh was outstanding - ACI Student, Brisbane
  • Thorough overview of ACI. Look forward to attending another course with Tony Condran as he was very knowledgeable and a good instructor-ACI Student
  • Chris Welsh was excellent, he's style of teaching is a talent which shines when explaining complex scenarios - ACI Student, Sydney
  • In the 25 years I have been in the IT industry, I wouldn't hesitate in saying Tony Condran was the best instructor I have encountered. -ACI SE Student
  • Extremely impressed with the delivery of the course and the content. Chris was very knowledge full and I really enjoyed the class. - DCAC9K Student, Sydney
  • Hasan Jafri is awesome. Expert training, labs & troubleshooting. Master of his field. He was very professional, patient and subject matter expert. - DUCCE India
  • Best Cisco course I have attended. Peter Gale was exceptional. - UCCXD attendee
  • Greg is knowledgable and has extensive experience in telephony and contact centre solutions. - CVPI student
  • Peter delivered the content in a very enthusiastic manner. It was a pleasure attending his class. - DUCCE participant
  • Great instructor. Will happily attend courses trained by Greg. - DUIC attendee
  • Greg has a wealth of knowledge and shares it very well. I am very enthusiastic about Greg's teaching style and would recommend him to future students of this course. - AUCCE student
  • DCAC9K is a great course and Chris is a great instructor - DCAC9K Student in Sydney
  • Housley did a great job at tailoring this course to meet my individual requirements. - DCNX1K attendee
  • The Housley instructor made training more enjoyable by providing real scenarios and examples. - DCUCI participant
  • Very good instructor and very knowledgeable not only in current version but also in previous versions. - DCUCI attendee
  • Great instructor, energetic and knowledgeable. - DCUFI student

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