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ACI-ExW: Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Explorer Workshop

When any new technology comes along it not always clear how or if it can be of use by an organisation. Where and when it is inserted into existing environment to provide the maximum benefit can also be unclear. The uncertainty is even more amplified when a disruptive technology such as ACI emerges as it has ramification not only of the technical deployment of IT provisioning but also on the operational procedures and responsibilities of support personnel

ACI-ExW provides a forum for understanding ACI and how it is relevant to an organisation. The workshop will introduce ACI key concepts and components with a focus on keeping it relevant to the customer environment.

   ACI-ExW (workshop) has two main objectives:

• Introduction to ACI and a product and technology.
• How relevant ACI is to an organisation and what would be the impact of ACI deployment.

   Target Audience

• Technical architects and designers
• IT managers
• Senior engineers


1-2 days based on initial discussion to determine scope and existing knowledge.

  Workshop Content

• A flexible theory component will cover ACI concepts and operation. This will provide the basis for further discussion.

•The customer’s existing environment will be reviewed; this will provide a framework to discuss how ACI will best work within that environment. This is not intended to be an in-depth review or technical analysis.

• The customer will be given the opportunity to explain what they hoping to obtain from ACI and what current operational issues they need to address.

• A discussion and whiteboard session around on how ACI can be integrated and potential benefits will be held. Any concerns and associated questions will be addressed.

• The workshop is not aimed at determining how best to organise internal team efforts but considers the technical impacts on existing deliverables and how that will change with the new provision models available in ACI. This will inherently impact adjoining technical areas of host, virtualisation, security and application deployment. The workshop provides a forum to discuss this in a context of educating participants on aspects and issues around ACI adoption technology.

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