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BLP-ACI-PW: Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) Power Workshop - 2 Days


In a busy environment it is hard to allocate time for product learning but the job still needs to be done. This workshop is a fast-paced technical delivery that is aimed at providing essential skills that enable engineers to understand a base ACI environment. It covers key topics areas relevant to common deployment scenarios.

It is not aimed at sales staff but key individuals responsible for designing and deploying an ACI solutions for POC or initial ACI deployments.


After completing this course the student should be able to:
  • Understand ACI Architecture and Concepts
  • Understand Install and Base Configurations within an ACI Fabric
  • Understand Underlay Fabric Access policies
  • Understand Overlay Network and Tenant Policies
  • Overview ACI integration with VMware
  • Understand Layer 2 and 3 outside connectivity with the ACI Fabric
  • Overview of L4/7 integration
  • Know that there is more to learn

   Workshop Content and Demonstation

  • ACI Overview
  • ACI Fabric Architecture and components
  • ACI setup and initial installation
  • Lab 1 ACI Fabric Discovery
  • Overview on ACI Policy model
  • Fabric Access Connectivity Policies
  • Lab 2 ACI connectivity Policies
  • Overview Tenant Application Modelling and Deployment
  • Lab 3 ACI forwarding Constructs
  • Lab 4 Application Network Profiles
  • Understand Hypervisor Integration – VMware
  • Lab 5 VMM Integration
  • Connecting to Existing L2 Infrastructure
  • Lab 6 External Layer 2 Connection
  • Connecting to Existing L3 Infrastructure
  • Lab 7External Layer 3 Connection
  • Overview of L4-7 Integration with ACI
  • Overview of ACI Operations and Management
  • Course Review

    Target Audience

  • Technical architects and designers
  • Networking Field engineers involved in ACI deployments

    Pre-Requisite Knowledge

Before commencing this class, you should have an understanding of:
  • Cisco Nexus and Catalyst Layer 2/3 Concepts
  • Basic VMware administration and Networking
  • Basic Linux System administration
  • Best Practices


2 days

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