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OPT201: Cisco NCS 2000 Series 96-Channel Flex Spectrum (OPT201)

The Cisco® NCS 2000 Deploying 96-Channel Flex Spectrum course1
is an instructorled, lab-based, hands-on course offered by Cisco Learning Services. It covers how to
plan, configure, and control optical networks using the Cisco Network Convergence
System (NCS) 2000 Series Flex Spectrum platform.
In this course, you will design Flex Spectrum networks with multidegree reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer
(ROADM) multishelf nodes using the Cisco Transport Planner software, learn how to install and turn up the
hardware, and use the Transport Planner output to configure an optical network and circuits using the Cisco
Transport Controller software. You will learn which components and configurations take advantage of and/or are
required for the Flex Spectrum 96-channel feature. Then you will learn how to configure more advanced networks
with the colorless, contentionless, and omnidirectional features, and to configure mesh nodes with multifiber pushon (MPO) cross-connects. Finally, you will learn how to use the many tools and features available with Transport
Controller to perform maintenance, testing, and basic troubleshooting of your optical network.

Course Objectives

After completing this course the student should be able to:

● Hardware and components required and used with the Flex Spectrum feature
● Design optical networks in the Cisco Transport Planner software
● Install the hardware, including multishelf nodes
● Perform node turn-up and create circuits using the Cisco Transport Controller software
● Configure optical networks with multidegree ROADM multishelf nodes
● Configure optical networks with colorless, contentionless, omnidirectional, and MPO cross-connect advanced features
● Use the features and documentation with Transport Controller to perform maintenance, testing, and basic troubleshooting

Course Content

● Module 1:DWDM and Flex Spectrum Foundation
● Module 2:NCS 2000 Chassis and Cards
● Module 3:Design ROADM Networks with Transport Planner
● Module 4:Hardware Installation and Multishelf
● Module 5:Node Turn-Up and Circuit Creation
● Module 6:Advanced Feature Networks and Circuits
● Module 7:Testing, Maintenance, and Basic Troubleshooting


Lab Outline

● Lab 1: Cisco Transport Controller
● Lab 2: Cisco Transport Planner
● Lab 3: Node Turn-Up
● Lab 4: OCHNC Circuits
● Lab 5: OCHCC Circuits
● Lab 6: Colorless Ports and Circuits
● Lab 7: Contentionless Circuits
● Lab 8: Connection Verification
● Lab 9: OTDR Testing
● Lab 10: Maintenance and Performance Monitoring
● Lab 11: NCS 2000 Troubleshooting

Target Audience

This course is designed for technical professionals who need to know how to deploy a Cisco NCS 2000 Series dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) network with Flex Spectrum. The primary audience for this course includes:

● Designers
● Systems engineers and implementation staff
● Network operations center personnel
● Technical support personnel who are involved with the deployment, operations, and maintenance of the Cisco NCS 2000 Series
● Channel partners and resellers

Course Duration

V-ILT 4 days, ILT 3 days

Suggested Pre-requisites

The knowledge and skills that a student must have before attending this course are as follows:

The prerequisite for this course is the Cisco Fundamentals of Fiber Optics Technology (FFOT) video training. To locate Cisco courses that cover the listed prerequisite, visit the Cisco Training and Events webpage at

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