FAQ category: Learning Credits

How can I track the use of my Cisco Learning Credits?

Learning Credits are managed in our online database, the Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT). You gain access to the database when your Cisco sales agent enters your Cisco username (ID) to your company-named account. Your first login will require you to accept a Terms and Conditions agreement. You must accept the agreement to gain access. […]

What do I have to do to use my Cisco Learning Credits?

Give the Cisco Sales Order (SO) number that is on the account with your credits to your Housley representative as your method of payment at the time of registration. The Learning Credit Management Tool (LCMT), available 24×7, is an informational database that holds the details of your Learning Credits purchase. It allows you to monitor […]

What are the benefits of Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits make it easy to include training as part of the total solution when purchasing Cisco products and services. Procuring the required training for your organisation need not be an afterthought to your technology purchase. You will be able to define your networking and training needs concurrently, allowing you to purchase high-quality training […]

What are Cisco Learning Credits?

Cisco Learning Credits are prepaid training dollars converted into units of credits. Each Cisco Learning Credit is equivalent to US$100. Cisco Learning Credits are used as a method of payment toward Cisco training delivered by Cisco or authorised Cisco Learning Partners including Housley.