lab access test

Housley Remote Lab Connectivity Test

Connectivity Details

To ensure the smooth operation of the Labs during Housley Training, please find attached the technical details of the required internet access from your venue. Method #2 need only be used if Method#1 fails. Help and Support contacts are at the end of this document.

Method#1 – Preferred

  • Students will need to directly (i.e. without a proxy or VPN connection) access the labs
    • at
    • on TCP ports: 3100 – 4100

These ports will be used for students access to remote jump-box PCs using MS Remote Desktop application (RDP).


These ports are a range of possible values with actuals dependent on the exact lab equipment used.

If you need more precise details within this range please contact us.

  • To test connectivity, open an RDP session
  • To launch an RDP test from a Windows PC
    • Enter the command mstsc in run or command prompt
    • For Windows 8 onwards, type Remote Desktop Connection from the Start screen Search option
  • To launch an RDP test from a Macintosh PC, use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. It can be installed from the Mac App Store (free)

  • From your RDP app, connect to
    • This machine should always be available however it has a single user login
  • Login with the username: test and password: Housley
  • Other ports in the range may or may not be available for testing as the student PCs are reset after each event and not reactivated until needed. However, if you need to test these ports, access can be arranged by contacting us.

Method#2 – If RDP ports cannot be used

  • If your internal security policies prohibit connections to the above ports via RDP.

Note: This is not the optimal interface and should be only used as a last resort

A Windows desktop screen should appear in your browser window.

On the desktop, open the notepad file entitled Welcome to Housley Labs

Type all the letters and numbers on your keyboard to make sure your browser is compatible. If you have problems, try again using a different browser.

That completes the test.

Help and Support:            Ph: +61 2 9954 4055