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Case Study: Nexus NX-OS Customer Deployment


A major finance industry customer in Australia had expanded and upgraded their data centre network with Cisco Nexus 9Ks in NX-OS mode using VXLAN/EVPN/MP-BGP overlay technology (non-ACI).  Housley was asked to facilitate training and operational capability for the local team in charge of the infrastructure.


A Housley Instructor-Consultant constructed a training program based around a Nexus 9K environment, but added modules to the session that included EVPN, OTV, enhanced vPC – areas not covered in standard training, but of common relevance to DC solutions in enterprise environments where Nexus 9K is implemented and ACI is not deployed.  The session included 9K training via a remote lab, and well as customised sessions that included referencing the customer’s live environment and troubleshooting sessions for these technologies.


As a result of the train-mentor session, the customer Infrastructure team were in a much better position to operate and optimise the new environment, and interface with other areas of IT to drive value out of the 9K technology upgrade, and a more assured path to realising a positive ROI in a shorter timeframe.


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  • Chris is the best instructor I have seen in 25 years in Cisco IT - ACI Student, Sydney
  • Tony Condran is a fantastic instructor, his deep knowledge and teaching methods provide one of the best course experience I have had - ACI Student, Canberra
  • Materials and Instructor Chris Welsh was outstanding - ACI Student, Brisbane
  • Thorough overview of ACI. Look forward to attending another course with Tony Condran as he was very knowledgeable and a good instructor-ACI Student
  • Chris Welsh was excellent, he's style of teaching is a talent which shines when explaining complex scenarios - ACI Student, Sydney
  • In the 25 years I have been in the IT industry, I wouldn't hesitate in saying Tony Condran was the best instructor I have encountered. -ACI SE Student
  • Extremely impressed with the delivery of the course and the content. Chris was very knowledge full and I really enjoyed the class. - DCAC9K Student, Sydney
  • Hasan Jafri is awesome. Expert training, labs & troubleshooting. Master of his field. He was very professional, patient and subject matter expert. - DUCCE India
  • Best Cisco course I have attended. Peter Gale was exceptional. - UCCXD attendee
  • Greg is knowledgable and has extensive experience in telephony and contact centre solutions. - CVPI student
  • Peter delivered the content in a very enthusiastic manner. It was a pleasure attending his class. - DUCCE participant
  • Great instructor. Will happily attend courses trained by Greg. - DUIC attendee
  • Greg has a wealth of knowledge and shares it very well. I am very enthusiastic about Greg's teaching style and would recommend him to future students of this course. - AUCCE student
  • DCAC9K is a great course and Chris is a great instructor - DCAC9K Student in Sydney
  • Housley did a great job at tailoring this course to meet my individual requirements. - DCNX1K attendee
  • The Housley instructor made training more enjoyable by providing real scenarios and examples. - DCUCI participant
  • Very good instructor and very knowledgeable not only in current version but also in previous versions. - DCUCI attendee
  • Great instructor, energetic and knowledgeable. - DCUFI student

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